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White Rabbit Black T-Shirt
  • White Rabbit Black T-Shirt

    - High quality cotton t shirt with Rabbit & logo design

    - Featuring hand screen printed graphics 

    - Printed onto a 'No Sweat' blank t shirt

    - (100% Organic cotton, Oporajeo sets the cost of production, including the cost of materials and all the workers’ wages, which No Sweat pays up front—so if any problems arise, workers don’t suffer any loss of earnings. 

    5% of the profit from every sale goes into a Solidarity Fund to support the struggles of garment workers around the globe.)

      Noel Kilt 2.jpg

      Noel (Forrest Flowers)

      Angel Brains Horns.jpg


      Grove Patch Hoodie 4.JPG

      @theyisgrove (Grove)

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