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Apple Blossom Cousins-Scovell standing in field wearing Angel Brains products
Apple Blossom Cousins-Scovell wearing Angel Brains and Ali the Loaf products
Illustration artwork of woman with hair full of flowers holding a bee by Apple Blossom Cousins-Scovell

Hey I'm Apple Blossom, Angel Brains founder, creative director.. and everything else! Angel Brains was founded in 2019 and is a kawaii-punk-queer-femme fantasy, heavily inspired by Harajuku fashion subcultures. Angel Brains celebrates wearing fashion for yourself and decorating your body in a way that makes you happy and comfortable. Angel Brains serves us a healthy mix of femme, cutesy vibrance and all the badass energy you desire while providing a slow fashion, sustainable option to alt-clothing for those who wish dress cute, guilt-free.

Emily Parker photoshoot with Angel Brains products
Grove shot by Luke-Patrick-Dixon wearing Angel Brains

ethical values

Most products are 1of1 or extremely limited and made from second-hand/ salvaged/ waste fabric to help prevent the terrible side effects of fast fashion on the environment; the destruction and pollution of the sea, air and natural habitats and the abuse of cheap labour in poorer and less privileged countries. By Buying from Angel Brains you are supporting a small independent brand while also receiving high quality guilt free sustainable fashion.

Thank You.

Apple Blossom Cousins-Scovell sewing in a psychedelic field for Angel Brains
Angel Brains patches being sewn onto skirt
Apple blossom Cousins-Scovell in Angel Brains photoshoot sat in field


At Angel Brains I want to be completely open about everything I do, how I make my products, source my fabrics, reasons for prices and our profits. I hope this opens up conversation and allows my customers to become more involved in the process, engaged with what they are buying and hopefully more aware of what they are funding in the process. Please feel free to drop me an email at


Where do you source your materials from?

I source from many places, almost everything is second hand/ recycled, so it tends to be a mix of charity shop finds, eBay, Depop and just taking any opportunities to get hold of interesting scraps and beads to reuse.

Can I commission a custom piece?

Yes email me with serious commission ideas, please be aware of my prices. I may not be interested/ not have time, but I always love to create pieces you will cherish and enjoy for years to come.

If a piece is sold out will it be on sale again at any point?

No, most pieces are 1of1 so cannot be recreated exactly. However, If you are interested in a specific piece feel free to contact us and we can discuss the potential of creating something similar.

Can I re-create your work?

While I appreciate that not everyone can afford my work, I would rather that it wasn't copied. Take inspiration and make something of your own. While in the past I've allowed people to re-create their own version of my pieces and tag me as inspiration, I now ask that you don't share your creation online as it encourages a culture of copying artists work. I do however sell my own patterns for certain items which everyone is welcome to purchase use as they please. In this case please do share/ tag me/ send me pictures of what you create, I love to see it.


Why is your work so expensive?


My prices are extremely under priced for the time and effort that goes into sourcing and fixing up second-hand materials, the making process and the hidden hours that have gone into perfecting my craft. Angel Brains only exists because of my lovely angels and I am so thankful for every order and bit of support. I really do spend every hour of my day working for Angel Brains and currently do not pay myself a wage.

Is it possible to cancel an order?

Yes, as long as you get into contact with us as soon as possible (ideally under 24 hours) so It has not been packaged or posted.

How long does shipping take?

I ship every Tuesday afternoon, order by 10pm on Monday to catch that weeks post. Once you receive a postage confirmation email it will be about 3-5 working days within the UK and 10-15 days international. More Information on the Shipping and returns page on the footer bar at the bottom of the screen. 


How do you make your patches?

Patches are screen printed by hand using silk screens. I hand screen print large amounts of designs onto large sheets of salvaged, scrap and second hand fabric then heat press the designs and cut them into individual patches ready to be applied to garments. All the patches are original designs.


Can I wash my garment normally or do I need to take special care?

All our patches are heat pressed and can be washed as normal, over time the patch will gradually start to fade but nothings drastic. If you want to reduce fading more then wash the garment inside out. If a piece is dyed, then we always make sure to re wash the piece before sale so no dye leaks when you come to wash it. We do however recommend that you don't wash a darker dyed piece (if it has been dyed it will be stated in the product description) with a light or white wash just as a precaution.

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