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Boxy Striped Long Sleeve T Shirt
  • Boxy Striped Long Sleeve T Shirt

    - Red black striped long sleeve T Shirt made from multiple second hand striped long sleeves

    - Featuring black shape patches and Empty Brains protest patches
    - Designed, pattern cut and created in house by Empty Brains
    - Measurements are: Shirt length 74 cm / Shoulder to shoulder width 67 cm / Chest 124 cm / Sleeve Length - 66cm
    - Boxy fit, size XXL
    - 1of1 made in Herefordshire, UK

      Noel Kilt 2.jpg

      Noel (Forrest Flowers)

      Angel Brains Horns.jpg


      Grove Patch Hoodie 4.JPG

      @theyisgrove (Grove)

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