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We always love to here what you think of your order and if its faired well in the text of daily use.

Get in touch via DM or email to send us a review or any other sort of feedback.

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Noel Kilt 2.jpg

Noel (Forrest Flowers)

"EMPTY BRAINS’s kilt had become a personal staple and is quite literally one of my favourite pieces of clothing owned (and I got way too many). It lasted incredibly well through many sweaty gigs, pits, protests, raves and even made an appearance on Dazed! I’m in love, it’s loud and durable - the main attributes of a punk’s wardrobe."

Jasmin Galliker 1.HEIC

Jasmin @krrowface

"I love the message behind this top as well as the unique way its designed and sewn! The quality is great and the prints look amazing, especially the one on the back! You can really tell how much thought and work goes into every single piece."

Millitant Shirt Monkey.magic gig photo.j

Jas (Forrest Flowers)

"Is a gr8 garm that I wear a friggin lot, It’s great for many an occasion and blows me ruddy socks off"

Grove Patch Hoodie 4.JPG

Insane craftsmanship, design and ethos. Empty Brains is a visionary for what the future of clothing should look like. sustainable, community-centric and DOPE 

Grove - Vocalist // Producer

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Miles Bokeh 2.png

Miles (Bokeh Versions)

"I had a gig coming up and wanted that eye-swivelling look so it was time for my first proper Empty Brains threads. I was in love with this shirt, Jay didn't have my size so made one from scratch, showing me the process as it was in 'manufacture'.

It felt right getting a custom item off a real human. The gig got cancelled, but I still feel special <3"

Angel Brains Horns.jpg


"Shipping was really quick, everything was so transparent and I was contacted as soon as their was an issue with my horns and was given options of what I wanted to happen. The horns I got were even better than I hoped!! :)

Angel Brains Horns 2.jpg


I absolutely love my horns ! they're excellent conversation pieces at my zoom university! Angel Brains was very easy to talk to and made them just how I imagined them (in fact way better!)


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