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We buy all our original clothes second hand. From a variety of sources including charity shops, Ebay and Depop. We then spend time designing and reworking this piece into something new. Normally giving it a punky twist or a protest message, this is done by adding some of our trademark patch designs which we print ourselves using our home screen printing studio. We screen print onto large sheets (second hand or unwanted fabric of course) and then cut into smaller patches to make the process quicker, more efficient and much less wasteful. We heat-press all the patches meaning the design will remain bold for longer and you don’t need to worry about washing it carefully.

Angel Brains Bag Monkey


Empty Brains and Angel Brains share a studio space in there home which features a sewing machine each, a cutting table and lots of fabric scraps so the next step with the garment is a long process of arranging and then sewing the patches and accessories onto the garment. Which can sometimes take up 6-7 hours per piece. A lot of time and care is put into each piece to make sure we absolutely love everything we make, and that the quality of the rework is always of a high standard which allows it to last multiple years at least.


We tend to price our items on a number of factors, how much the original garment cost us, how much the rework additions amount to, and the time spent reworking it. This simple system allows us to produce high quality garments for an affordable price. Although we would love to lower prices, so our items are even more accessible to everybody no matter what you earn we believe it is important for clothing to have a price tag high enough to make you really consider your purchase. As this encourages you to be less throwaway with your belongings and make them last longer.

Empty Brains End Blind Mass Consumption Lookbook
Angel Brains Printed T Shirt 2020 Collection


We really want our customers to own and wear our garments for many years and believe the longevity of clothing is a lot longer than most people expect it to be. For a small fee (or depending on the issue, potentially free) we are always happy to mend holes in garments you have bought off us or reattach patches/other extra’s. Feel free to email or dm us if you want this doing.

Empty Brains Sewing Repairs
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