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Empty Brains Angel Brains protest march



Empty Brains photoshop 2019
Jay and Apple photoshoot Empty Angel Brains
Angel Brains behind the scnes

Empty Brains is a radical punk inspired label that was established in response to the current political and environmental crisis by Jay Sebastian Williams. It has been producing out of Bristol for nearly 3 years alongside completing my Fashion Degree. After sourcing deadstock pieces, garments are de and re- constructed, and embellished through processes of print, embroidery, and patchwork. Underpinned by a dogmatic approach to sustainability and an appreciation of old school punk aesthetics. Empty Brains is just as much an activist art project as a brand. The aim is to use clothing as a platform to discuss important social, environmental, and political issues.

ANGEL BRAINS, founded and run by Apple Blossom Cousins Scovell, is a kawaii-punk-queer-anime fantasy, heavily inspired by Harajuku fashion subcultures. Angel Brains celebrates wearing fashion for yourself and decorating your body in a way that makes you happy and comfortable. Angel Brains serves us a healthy mix of femme, cutesy vibrance and all the badass energy you desire. Angel Brains provides a slow fashion, sustainable option to alt clothing for those who wish dress cute, guilt-free.

Jay Sebastian Williams

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Behind everything Empty Brains, designing and producing the clothes, original artwork, video music and much more.

Empty Brains Profile Protest Jay Sebastian Williams

Apple Blossom

Cousins - Scovell

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The creative behind everything Angel Brains, designing and producing the clothes, jewellery , artwork, film and much more. 

Empty Angel Brains Climate March
Angel Brains process behind the scenes

Each Garment is 1of1 and made from second-hand clothing to help prevent the terrible side effects of fast fashion on the people involved. Such as the destruction and pollution of the environment and the abuse of cheap labour in poorer and less privileged countries. By Buying from Empty Brains or Angel Brains you are supporting a small independent brand while also receiving high quality guilt free sustainable fashion. Thank You.


At Empty Brains we want to be completely open about everything we do, how we make our pieces, where we source our materials, reasons for prices and our profits. We hope this opens up conversation and allows you the consumer to become much more part of the process which I believe is an important step towards shifting consumers to become more engaged with what they are buying and hopefully more aware of what they are funding in the process e.g. what working conditions the factory workers have and the type of wage they have. If you have this open conversation, I believe consumers will make much more ethical and sustainable decisions. Please feel free to drop us an email at or DM us on Instgram @empty_brains @angel_bra1ns

Empty Brains behind the scenes
Empty Angel Brains photoshoot
Empty Brains screen printing
Empty Brains Logo Black No

1. Not everyone will like what you make and not everyone has to


2. DO IT YOURSELF - Empower yourself with skills and don't be lazy


3. Don't sacrifice recourses, people or the planet for the sake of profit 


4. Encourage complete self expression


5. Rebel for life, rules suck


6. Nothing is truly original, good artists just steal well


7. Learn the right way and then find the wrong way


8. Accept everyone for who they are


9. A strong cause will allow you to do anything 


10. Stay true to what you like, don't sugar coat anything


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